Monday, April 19, 2010

one more

So, ok. Maybe I'm having trouble downloading more than one painting at a time.

That's ok with me. I'm into a "let's chill out and go with the flow" mode.

Thats so much better than obssessing with every little detail.

The Bunkhouse is all ready to go for Vickiy McMurry's class and so I have the day to enjoy!

And these wildflowers on the ranch are amazing right now. It's so hard to believe that we wree in such an awful drought last year. Our creek has never gone dry, but last summer, it very nearly did.

more new works

Here are 2 other new paintings. Still to be named. So if you have any ideas, feel free to speak up.

3 New Paintings

I am posting 3 new paintings that are 20 x 24. I havn't decided on a name yet.

I have been so busy with the Bunkhouse workshops, that I have't kept up with my facebook, or my blog. But am trying to be a better person here, and get some of this updated.

Vicki McMurry is giving a 3 day class starting tomorrow. She's been coming here for years and is a wonderful teacher.

The next class will be May 5 - 7 with Qiang Hang and his class is full, with a wait list. I havn't met him yet, but have only heard really great things about him.

Then Judy Crowe will be doing a 3 day class starting may 18. I do still have room for more students. This class will probably be a combination of plain air and studio.